All about steak

Steak is meat escalope, whose name derives from the Old Indian word steik . The most commonly under this name refers to a beef steak, although there are lamb, pork and tuna steak. They are still , by definition, significantly different from the original, beef steak. Softest steak is obtained from beef tenderloin (German Lungenbraten ), and can be prepared from the best part of the leg, so-called rose or cross beef roasts ( eng.roastbeef ). Steak is typically cut perpendicular to the muscle tissue, to enhance the perceived tenderness and softness of the meat.. Preparated usually grilled, though it can be prepared in a grill pan or in combination with an oven . Since this is a relatively expensive piece of meat , its consumption once was a status symbol - was on the menus only wealthy individuals . There is almost no national cuisine that can not be proud of its domestic steak. In The Steak House Opatija you will certainly enjoy this superbly prepared delicacy .