About us

An outstanding restaurant Steak House Opatija is located near Maksimir forest in the elite part of Zagreb, it was the first in Zagreb to offer gastronomic delicacy with the scent of far away Argentine pampas - steak. The word steak comes from the Old Indian word „steik” meaning “roast“ and it stands for a escalope of quality meat, usually beef. Steak is typically cut perpendicular to the muscle tissue, to enhance the perceived tenderness and softness of the meat.

After a twenty-years of experience in running a steak house in Germany, in 1998 the restaurant owners opened the first specialized restaurant in Zagreb where gourmets can finally enjoy the culinary art of preparing the steak, in a way that it's done by the traditional gastronomy of American and Argentine cuisine. Preparation of top steaks starts with the ripe of best class meat in the chamber on the specific coal that provides additional flavor, which is just one of the secrets of this delicacy, and all other secrets find out for yourselves in the direct assortment of this meal. On that occasion you will be served by a professional team of top waiters, and the entire staff of this renowned restaurant will be at your service. We also offer customized meals for children, and special offers for groups in accordance with their requirements, and for welcoming, we traditionally greet each guest with donuts with cheese. In extremely pleasant atmosphere of restaurants Steak House Opatija on daily basis our guests can enjoy a wide selection of all types of steaks, and other international meat specialties and traditional meals to suit every taste.

Restaurant staff if needed will be glad to help you in the selection of drinks with a special wine card that consists of wine with the highest, local and foreign making, as well as other drinks by the order of the guests. All this contributes to adding this restaurant to the best Croatian restaurants book.

The restaurant is suitable for all types of gatherings starting from family gatherings and business lunches, as well as dinners, also commemorating birthday celebrations, christenings, promotions, carmines, all types of receptions and even small weddings. According to the needs and requirements of the restaurant guests, the restaurant can be divided into two halls, the front part receiving up to 65 people and the second part receiving up to 40 people, which provides excellent comfort for all attendees.

To freely enjoy gourmet steak and superb wines, we provide parking in front of restaurant which can accommodate up to 25 cars.